Project 1: Security Events — Threats and Vulnerabilities

Project:  Each team is to use a combination of news, technical, and industry sources to analyze a famous security event, concentrating on the threats and vulnerabilities that the event exposes.   Each team is responsible for a single 30 minute presentation that summarizes:

  1. What happened?
  2. What was  the impact?
  3. Why did this attack succeed?
  4. What happened in the aftermath?
  5. What was done to make systems less vulnerable to this kind of threat?
  6. What chapter in the book will be helpful in understanding this event?

Team 1 (Cryptography) The cracking of Enigma in World War II

Team 2 (Worms) The Morris Worm Attack

Team 3 (Stored Data) The TJX Attack

Team 4 (Cryptanalysis) Breaking the A5 encryptiuon algorithm for GSM phones

Team 5 (Viruses) MyDoom

Team 6 (DDOS) TheAmazon Cloud Attack

Team 7 (Botnets and Malware) The Zbot attack

Team 8 (Password Breaking) The Twitter Attack


15 Responses to “Project 1: Security Events — Threats and Vulnerabilities”

  1. Team 3 Says:

    Sean Sanders (
    Chris Lafferty (
    Tim Xia (
    Danielle Arabov (
    Ryan Paulsen (
    Adhip Gupta(
    Varun Murthy (

    • Chris Lafferty Says:

      Just an update, our team increased to 8 members last Thursday, only to find out over the weekend 5 of the 8 dropped the course. Current team (for the sake of grading or to help out the TA) is:

      Ryan Paulsen
      Nilesh Nipane
      Chris Lafferty

      We’re prepared for just the 3 us to present today (Tuesday) and didn’t think it a big enough deal to bother the TA/professors/other teams about it. This is just an update to document what happened over the weekend.

  2. Glennis Corby Says:

    Team 8:
    Michael Qin
    Rahul Ramadas
    Thomas Lester
    Kenny Franks
    Brandon Feldkamp
    Glennis Corby

  3. Matthew Flaschen Says:

    Team 4 comprises:

    Matthew Flaschen
    David Gallmeier
    Vineet Patil
    Rohit Sinta
    Jeff Wells

  4. joshsole Says:

    –Group Five–
    Antonio Silva
    Saurabh Shah
    Ian Axelrod
    Chris Mungol
    Joshua Sole

  5. Tania Says:

    Group One:

    Harry Caplan
    Andrew Muldowney
    Nigel Lawrence
    Vladimir G Grantcharov
    John Bibb
    Aditi Kulkarni
    Hou Nguyen
    Sofia Tania

  6. Jeffrey Starker Says:

    Team 6:

    Kevin Coleman
    Jeffrey Starker
    Karthik Rangarajan
    Paul Beresuita

    Note: We had a few people who dropped the course on our team, also some more of our group members might as well.

  7. Buck Says:

    Group 7????
    Count me in!

    Buck (William) Scharfnorth –

  8. David Colvin Says:

    Group Seven:

    David Colvin
    Andrew Mishoe
    John marshall
    George Chen
    Hubert Liu

  9. Kevin Ziegler Says:

    Group 2:

    Andre Bluehs
    Franklin Moore
    Bud Moon
    Josh Wells
    Kevin Ziegler

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