Class Schedule

Week 1

Course Intro and Discussion

  • Reading Assignment: Chapter 1
  • Assignment of Project 1: Analysis of Security Events

Information Security Discussion based on Chapter 1

Week 2

Threats and Vulnerabilities (Project Reports Part 1)

Threats and Vulnerabilities (Project Reports Part 2)

  • Reading Assignment Chapter 2

Week 3

Modern Cryptography

Modern Cryptography (continued)

  • Reading Assignment Chapter 3

Week 4

(catching up…)

Week 5

Software vulnerabilities and consequences

More consequences, countermeasures

  • Reading assignment Chapter 4

Week 6

Memory Protection

Week 7

Access Control and Authentication


  • Reading assignment Chapter 7

Week 8

Network Threats

Network Defenses

Week 9

Network Defenses II and spam bonus

Bell-Lapadula Model

  • Reading assignment Chapter 5

Week 10

Security models and design

Security models and design (cont.)

  • Reading assignment Chapter 11

Week 11

Spring Break

Week 12


Exam 2

Week 13

Intellectual property

Guest Lecturer: Nick Feamster

Week 14

Guest Lecturers: Matt Wood & Oscar Salozar, HP Security (web security)

Guest Lecturer: Keith Watson, TSO (operational security)

Week 15

Guest Lecturer: Jon Ramsey, Secureworks

Crime and Ethics

Week 16

(Tentative) George Cox, Intel

Guest Lecturer: Gunter Ollmann, Endgames


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