About the Instructors

My name is Richard DeMillo (everyone calls me Rich) I am Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Management.  I go my Ph.D. at Tech in 1972.  I have been on the faculty here twice.  I’ve had jobs in industry.  Here is my Wikipedia entry:


My office is in Klaus 3154.  I am generally available in my office before class, just send me a note if you need to see me at other times.  My email address is rad@gatech.edu


Hi. I’m Mike Hunter. I’m a research scientist with GTISC. I’m in 3130 Klaus, and my email is mhunter@cc.gatech.edu. I have office hours from 4 to 4:30 on Thursdays.


My name is Ikpeme Erete and I am a Phd student doing research in software engineering and security. My office location is Kl 2405 and my office hours is 10:00-11:45am on Wednesday. Meetings outside office hours are strictly by appointment (email confirmation).


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