Project 3 grades


Hey folks,

Project 3 grades are up with comments.  They look pretty straight-forward to me…if you got points taken off for not seeing the webcam you can get those points back (send me an email), it crashed hard toward the end of the assignment so not everybody might have seen it.


3 Responses to “Project 3 grades”

  1. Andrew Mishoe Says:

    Which machine was the IRC server on?

  2. diabolicalmdog Says:

    On candyland (

  3. Rohit Sinha Says:

    I actually had a quick question about this. We found the web cam that was connected to the network and tried accessing the website through many different methods. We first did a linux text based browser which obviously wouldn’t work, and then we tried setting up a port forwarding in between the servers and then back to our machine that we were using to discover all of the network modules. Is there any way to actually view what the camera is seeing?

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