High-level Take-Aways from Nick Feamster’s Talk


Hey folks,

As far as take-aways from Nick Feamster’s guest lecture last Thursday, I’d like people to be prepared to talk at a high level about what the advantages and disadvantages are of blocking connections at the network level (as opposed to content-processing of emails).


2 Responses to “High-level Take-Aways from Nick Feamster’s Talk”

  1. Ryan Paulsen Says:

    It was mentioned in the talk that the network level blocking tech missed a bit too much spam to be marketable at this point.

    I wonder if something like this would be useful to smaller organizations where the cost of babysitting is less than the network bandwidth wasted in handling spam emails.

  2. Rohit Sinha Says:

    A disadvantage is if somebody is using a widespread service such as GMail. There are many legitimate users for GMail and a few bad people would cause the entire service to be blocked causing many important emails to be rejected. In the sense of blocking connections on the network level for say websurfing, many websites now create a random session ID that appears to be jiberish, to most people however the computer uses that information to identify you and keep all of the data transactions secure. There maybe the issue of those random identifiers containing some word or phrase that may be blocked. There may only be a slim chance for this, however it is still possible.

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