Redteaming assignment update


Hey folks. Two quick updates:

1. I’ve added a work plan requirement to the redteaming assignment. Redteaming assignment specification (v2)
2. Groups will be released on Wednesday night. If you want “something to do” before your group is assigned, everybody should create a ssh public key / private key pair using ssh-keygen (or convert one to the ssh-keygen format), these will be used in accessing


2 Responses to “Redteaming assignment update”

  1. Matthew Flaschen Says:

    Don’t we need to send our public keys to you so you can add them to the system ( Can you give instructions on this part? Also, should there be one key-pair per group, or per person?

  2. diabolicalmdog Says:

    Yes, you need to send your public key to Ikpeme. Ikpeme will install one public key, the group can then add more to their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file if they wish.

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