Class 9. The RSA Algorithm


These are the lecture notes for the RSA (and Knapsack) algorithms

Please also read Section 12.3 of Pfleeger and Pfleeger

CS 4235 Introduction to Information Security RSA Algorithm


3 Responses to “Class 9. The RSA Algorithm”

  1. Arunabh Verma Says:

    Some known attacks on RSA:

    (last 2 pages)

    More Detailed:

  2. richde Says:

    Here is the RSA SecureId hack I mentioned in class. Comments and observations are invited.

  3. Arunabh Verma Says:

    As Prof. DeMillo had mentioned in Class yesterday that “knapsack problems” have been well researched and that there are numerous papers..

    Here a latest one :

    On Dr. Liptons blog:


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