Release candidate for project 2 (updated)


Hey folks. Here’s release candidate 2, if there are no big problems this will be the final text of the assignment. This version corrects “known plaintext” to “known cyphertext” (thanks Karthik). Ikpeme will send group assignments soon.
Assignment (rc2)


4 Responses to “Release candidate for project 2 (updated)”

  1. Karthik Rangarajan Says:

    Just to be clear, can I get the definition of “known plaintext attack” as described in the problem? From what I understand, we have supply to infinite amount of ciphertext, so isn’t that cipher-text only attack?

  2. diabolicalmdog Says:

    Sorry, I think I subtly switched between versions of the assignment.

    Wikipedia has good entries here:

  3. Karthik Rangarajan Says:

    Thanks for the change in the file. Makes a lot more sense now. So does that mean that we don’t have a case for known plaintext at all?

  4. diabolicalmdog Says:

    There’s no known-plaintext. I figure doing the known-cypertext gets the point across.

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