Midterms (with sample exams)


Hey folks,

The two dates we have in minds for midterms are February 25 and April 1, let us know if you have any feedback. This will become official on Tuesday.

Here are some sample exams; note that we won’t do one similar to the question 1 from Summer 2008 because the students hated it so bitterly. Also, the course is different now so these may not represent all the things you’ll be expected to know; I’m just putting them up for your amusement.

Exam 1 Summer 2008

Exam 1 Summer 2009


4 Responses to “Midterms (with sample exams)”

  1. Abhishek Chhikara Says:

    Since we have a submission on Feb 23, I would really appreciate if the date is moved to Tuesday March 2, this would allow us time to prepare on weekend.

  2. David Colvin Says:

    Are there any sample midterms? Thanks

  3. diabolicalmdog Says:

    Hey David, posting some samples now.

  4. Midterm 2 is on Thursday, redteaming project is due Tuesday « CS 4235 Introduction to Information Security Says:

    […] Chris: See these posts 1, 2 […]

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