Class 8: Provably Secure Cryptosystems


This is the start of our discussion of public key systems, but first we need to get some background in the underlying model.  This is preparation for next week when we discuss RSA.

CS 4235 Provably Secure Cryptosystems

See the following paper for an old but very readable introduction to discrete logs


RSA Security maintains a list of the applicable public key standards here:


5 Responses to “Class 8: Provably Secure Cryptosystems”

  1. Arunabh Verma Says:

    Here is a nice paper on Provable Security by Mihir Bellare,
    “Practice-oriented provable-security”

    ( If anyone is really interested in theoretical cryptography and Provable Security )

  2. Karthik Rangarajan Says:

    A non-basic (but not extremely advanced) explanation of computational hardness. This is Chris Peikert’s notes for the Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography class.

  3. Karthik Rangarajan Says:

    The paper Arunabh has posted is a brilliant read, especially in terms of provable security, and the misconceptions people can have about it.

  4. richde Says:

    “Godel’s Lost Letter” just posted a wonderful article about the the knapsack problem that discusses its importance to cryptography.

    Go to:

  5. Karthik Rangarajan Says:

    There’s actually a proof of infinity on Dr Lipton’s blog. :O Don’t think I’ll ever wrap my mind around that.

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