Class 4: Days of Engagement


This is a reminder that a portion of Thursday’s class will be devoted to a “days of engagement” discussion.

From President Peterson’s open letter to the Georgia Tech community:

On January 20 and 21, you will have the opportunity to offer your ideas for redesigning Georgia Tech’s educational experience. During these Days of Engagement, all faculty and instructors are asked to devote a portion of every class to discuss improvements to how Georgia Tech teaches and what students learn. I want to encourage you to speak openly about what you think will elevate learning at Georgia Tech from rigorous to an unparalleled experience in scholarship.

The Days of Engagement are an important part of the Institute’s strategic planning process and an opportunity for all students to participate in designing the future of Georgia Tech. A dedicated committee of students, faculty, and staff is already working on developing new ideas that will enhance your learning. Take some time to review their work or post some of your own thoughts before January 20:

You should visit this link for additional background information.  Feel free to post your initial thoughs as comments here.

I’ve posted a few articles (see this or this for topics that might be conversation-starters) on my WWC Blog at


4 Responses to “Class 4: Days of Engagement”

  1. Nigel Says:

    We mentioned textbooks, and there was some debate about the efficacy of open source textbooks. This is california’s current project to switch to open source textbooks in the classroom: .

    • JoshSole Says:

      I think less textbooks would be great. I think everyone agrees that buying hundreds of dollars of textbooks, that you rarely use, is just a pain. It’s not like it’s cheap to go to college, why do we have to add on just that much more.

  2. Ian Axelrod Says:

    Something I was going to say in class but not have a chance is that I believe having a professor as a teacher is more useful than just an instructor.

    The primary reason for this is because I interface with professors a lot offline, and talking to someone who has tons of experience in the academic field helps me get an idea about it and what entering it might be like (which I am interested in).

  3. Paul Beresuita Says:

    I believe that professors should focus more on making themselves available for their students. I also believe that GT should continue and expand on their idea of specialized threads, which provide options to students on fields they find interesting.

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