Class 3 Project Presentations First Round


Presentations will be added here.  Please feel free to comment.

Team 1: Breaking of Enigma

Two good novels about Enigma and Bletchley Park

Enigma, by Robert Harris

Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson

Team 2:  The Morris Worm

Gene Spaffords 1988 Analysis: spaf

Team 3: The TJX Breach


6 Responses to “Class 3 Project Presentations First Round”

  1. richde Says:

    Did the Ultra experience have any impact on the way that Western governments dealt with information security after the war? It sounds like a lot of codebreaking experience was general enough to be useful in other cryptanalytical efforts —

  2. Andrew Mishoe Says:

    interesting read about the common belief that W.Churchill knew of these attacks because of enigma.

  3. richde Says:

    There was a lot of computer security research before The Morris Worm, but the commercial and government world did not really understand the extent to which connected systems would be at risk.

    • Franklin Moore Says:

      I thought this was a clear, accessible summary of the Morris Worm. I’m a neophyte, but I found it interesting Spafford states, “Almost no source code is given in the paper because of current concerns about the state of the ‘immune system’ of Internet hosts… .” In 2 clicks I had the source code to cracksome and doit on my screen. This clearly demonstrates a point the book makes: the value of data (even malicious code) declines over time.

      I think the overall impact of Morris’s worm was beneficial. Malicious as the code was, the intent wasn’t. It may have shut down some BSD Unix machines and cost $$$, but it could’ve been much worse. In effect, it highlighted security flaws (some glaringly obvious, others more clandestine), the fixes of which were long overdue.

  4. Aditi Says:

    I tried uploading the presentation on the website, but I did not find a place to do that? Can anybody please let me know, where to upload the presentation on the blog?

  5. diabolicalmdog Says:

    Aditi: Once you submit it to t-square Ikpeme will upload it to the blog

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