Class 1 Follow-up: Textbook for CS 4235 and Course approval problems

  1. The Bishop book was ordered by the professor who was originally signed up to teach the course.  It would have been a textbook change for 4235 that was out of step with prior years and other sections.  The best course is to use Pfleeger & Pfleeger as the official textbook.  If you have already purchased the other book you should return it.  Let us know if there are any problems that arise.
  2. We understand that there are various approval problems with the course.  We are working through the issues as quickly as we can.  Check back to see the status.  If you have specific, time-dependent problems that you think put you in jeopardy please send email to Profs. DeMillo and  Hunter
  3. Remember that this is an open blog site.  Don’t post your email address if you don’t want it to be discoverable/searchable.  Subscribing using your email address does not expose your address.

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